Welcome to DIYEFI.org!

DIYEFI.org exists today because we saw a need for a truly open source engine management system, one that you can build for the cost of the components alone. Various other similar organisations exist, but in each case the licensing is unidirectional, i.e. you contribute, and the originator controls your work. Far from ideal!

DIYEFI.org is different from the others in many important ways. DIYEFI.org is here to allow YOU to build your own system from scratch with NO restrictions. It's here to facilitate a healthy, open, honest community where everyone benefits equally. We hope we make the original www.diy-efi.org people proud!

FreeEMS Technology

FreeEMS is based upon an existing readily available processor platform. The Freescale MC9S12XDP512 MCU was chosen because it is the current flagship of Freescale's "chassis" range. Features include 40MHz main core speed, 80MHz XGATE coprocessor, 32KB of RAM, 512KB of flash, and most importantly more than 90 I/O pins. An excellent and highly versatile prototype board with this chip on it is easily, cheaply and readily available from Technological Arts.